Upcoming Projects

BOIL: a retro-futuristic reflection of a world without free press and free thought.

BOIL began to simmer in 2013, during pre-production for DataMine

- along with Kreb, they complete a trilogy.

The Media Man was born first – the glossy face of a sinister machine. He lived as a character, on the backburner, waiting for his story, as I built and shot DataMIne. (Inspired by Edward Snowden and the shocking revelations around the level of surveillance routinely performed on ordinary citizens.)

As DataMine moved into post-production in early 2016, Boil began to come into focus. The Media Man became The Lump, and the machine generating his propaganda became more real and more terrifying every day.

BOIL explores  the sinister implications of complete corporate control of the mass media machine.

BOIL has gone through many rewrites in response to the volatile political climate.

BOIL is partially through pre-production, with a solid script and the majority of key characters built.

Currently,  shooting and release is dependent on additional funds for completion. So – We’re crowdfunding (more info via IndieGogo) to pull together additional resources to see it through.

Any support – either financially or by spreading the word – is deeply appreciated.

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